Matthew Sullivan, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist (California Lic. # PSY10214) in private practice in Palo Alto, California, who specializes in forensic child and family psychology. He has been in private practice in Palo Alto for 25 years, specializing in Forensic Family psychology.

He is a pioneer in the field of Parenting Coordination, which he helped develop in Santa Clara County more than 20 years ago, and has led the development of Parenting Coordination across the U.S. He is one of the most experienced Parent Coordinators (called Special Master in California) in the country. Some of the other roles he serves for families going through divorce include:

  1. Numerous court appointed roles – custody evaluator, mediator, special master, testifying expert, coparent counselor and consultant – in courts across California.
  2. Expert testimony in custody situations in jurisdictions across the U.S. Dr. Sullivan provides consultation services to forensic professionals, Family Law attorneys and parents in the context of child custody issues.
  3. Numerous articles, book chapters and trainings provided at  national and international venues on topics such as high-conflict divorce, Parent Coordination, Forensic Consultation, Court-involved therapy and Child Alienation.
  4. Founder of Overcoming Barriers, inc., a non-profit national organization focused on developing innovative interventions to address parent-child contact problems in shared custody situations

He served on the editorial board of the Journal of Child Custody, the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts Task Force on Parenting Coordination and served as the co-chair of the task force for Court-involved therapy. Both of these tasks forces produced the first professional practice guidelines for these rolesHe was elected to be an associate member of the American Psychological Association’s Ethics committee 2017-18.

He is serving on  the executive committee of the Association of Family and Conciliation Court’s Board of Directors for both the international parent organization.

Dr. Sullivan won the 2012 Joseph Drown award from the California Association of Family and Conciliation Courts for “Outstanding services to children”.

Academic Background

  1. A.B. from Stanford, Human Biology with a focus on Neurobiology
  2. Ph.D. in Clinical & Community Psychology from the University of Maryland, 1985.
  3. Palo Alto Veterans Administration internship with an emphasis on Family Systems.

Short Biography:

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